Use of Massage gun - Sport

1.) Back

2.) Thigh

3.) Calves

4.) Belly

5.) Feet

6.) Arms

7.) Chest for men

8.) Neck

9.) Hands

Safety instructions

If you feel pain, stop the massage.
When using during pregnancy, it is essential to consult a doctor beforehand.
In the case of physical problems or disabilities, also consult a doctor first before use.
Do not use on open wounds.
Never expose to water.
Mr. Massage is not suitable for curing diseases.
Do not use any other massage heads that are not included in the package.
Do not use Mr. Massage on the head, neck (vessels), rib or groin area, underside of arms, spine, genitals, bones or similar sensitive areas.
In addition, it applies to women that they should not massage their chest area.