Framework conditions lease

General terms and conditions for the rental of Mr. Massage

1.) Scope

1.1 These terms and conditions apply exclusively to the rental of the Mr. Massage massage device.

1.2 Deviating conditions of the tenant are not recognized.

1.3 When concluding the rental contract, the tenant accepts the conditions listed.

2.) Offer and conclusion of contract

2.1 The contract is deemed to have been concluded after the first payment has been made via PayPal or giro or credit card.

2.2 The renter has the right to withdraw from the rental contract without giving a reason if he notifies this in writing within 21 days of receipt of the goods.

2.3 A monthly payment of € 12.99 is due. At the beginning of the contract, there is also no one-time provisioning fee in the amount of 4.99 €.

2.4 After payment of the 9th monthly installment, ownership of the rental property is transferred to the tenant. After this period has expired, no further fees are due and the lease is thus ended.

2.5 The minimum contract term is 4 months.

3.) Delay / problems with the return

3.1 In the event of termination, the renter has to clean the massage device and send it back to the lessor in the original packaging. The deadline for this is 7 days.

3.2 If the massage device does not reach the landlord on time, a first written reminder will be sent to the tenant. After receiving the reminder, the tenant has 7 days to return the device. If the tenant is again unable to meet the deadline, a lawyer will be contacted. The tenant bears the costs for this.

4.) Shipping and returns

4.1 There are no shipping costs for the tenant.

4.2 If the tenant decides to return the massage device after the minimum contract period has expired, he will pay the postage costs incurred.

4.3 If the tenant withdraws from the rental contract within 21 days of receiving the device, the landlord will assume the postage costs.

5.) Obligations of the tenant

5.1 The tenant undertakes to protect the rental property from incorrect use in every way.

5.2 Guidelines for correct use can be found under the menu item "Operating Instructions".

6.) Defects

6.1 If there are defects or damage of any kind, the tenant must immediately communicate this information to the landlord.

6.2 It will then be clarified whether the damage was caused by grossly negligent, incorrect use or normal use.

6.2.1 If the device was used incorrectly, the renter bears the repair costs incurred.

6.2.2 If the damage occurs despite correct use, the damage is covered by the guarantee.

7.) Loss

7.1 If the rental property is lost, costs of 80 € will be incurred.

7.2 The landlord must inform the tenant immediately.

7.3 After the loss has been reported, the rental contract is terminated without notice.