Frequently asked Questions

What are my advantages?

  • Relaxed and resilient muscles result in higher training efficiency
  • Increased blood circulation in the tissue or muscle
  • Loosened fasciae allows a greater range of motion
  • Enjoyable treatment
  • Helps to deal with pain in some cases

What are the different massage heads intended for?

Each massage head has a different function, please read here.

How long should you use Mr. Massage?

We are of the opinion that everyone should determine their optimal duration of use for themselves, this should be at least 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes per muscle group.

Is the use of Mr. Massage dangerous?

The massager is not suitable for every user. To get a feel for this, we recommend that you start at slow speeds (1-10). It shouldn't be a problem for most people. In the case of known diseases, we recommend consulting a doctor beforehand.

How loud is Mr. Massage?

The volume is barely noticeable. This does not affect the sound when listening to music or watching TV.
Based on a self-made measurement, Mr. Massage is 45-55 decibels loud.

On which form of therapy is Mr. Massage based on and how exactly does it work?

Percussive therapy: Mr. Massage creates short, recurring jolts with the massage head. The intensity can be adjusted from level 1-30. Your muscles and fasciae are loosened in a soothing and at the same time intense way.