Treat cellulite with healthy eating & using the Massager

Cellulite is a sensitive issue for many women, accordingly, many are looking for ways to combat it. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the most helpful methods to reduce it and present a special secret weapon - the Mr. Massage™ massager.

Healthy diet & sport

Cellulite is caused by weak connective tissue, which allows water and fat deposits to push and shift the connective tissue away. This results in visible areas in the affected regions. 

Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the connective tissue. Collagens are the perfect weapon against cellulite because they are structural proteins that tighten and give structure to the skin. Eggs, for example, are a very good source of collagens.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to fight against water retention, which contributes to cellulite. Potassium helps to reduce water retention in the body, making cellulite less visible. Avocados contain a lot of potassium and are therefore perfect for this application.

To complement this, we recommend that you exercise regularly. Whether running, cycling or simply working out from home, exercise is good for the body.
In combination with Mr. Massage you can optimally support your body in regeneration and prevent tension.

Treat cellulite with the Mr. Massage™ massager - the secret weapon.

To tighten the structure of the skin, there is another option that has already helped many women reduce their cellulite. The Mr. Massage™ massager is the perfect complement to a healthy diet and exercise. 

A massager allows you to specifically massage the areas on your body that are affected by cellulite. In this way, you can best help your body tighten its skin. 
When using it on your forearm or near your armpits, be careful so that you don't get on your lymph nodes. When using it on your thigh or butt, there is nothing to be careful about as long as you don't get on your groin. You should stop massaging if you feel pain of any kind, but this is extremely unusual if used properly.

To understand how the massager works, you have to imagine that short, recurring jolts are generated. The intensity can be adjusted from level 1-30, for cellulite treatment we recommend 1-10. 
At the beginning it would be recommended to prepare yourself with short sessions (about 20sec). Later you can increase the intensity and duration if needed.

The massager mainly increases blood circulation in the affected areas, which helps to remove water and fat deposits. Moreover, the process of massaging is extremely relaxing and allows you to enjoy the treatment. 

Complementary, you could also use the massager in the field of Sports or Home office.